Hi! I’m Michelle Lim, and I live in NYC. I’m the Growth Lead at Warp. Previously, I had joined Warp as its first software engineer. More on the transition here.

I also invest in and advise early-stage startups, specializing in growth. If you’re looking for an advisor, feel free to reach out!

In my free time, I like to write essays on engineering, society, and film. I enjoy watching films and musicals with friends, swimming, and Pilates. You can find me at Twitter, Linkedin, Github or email.

Popular posts

Sep 13, 2020
Stop just using “Frontend” or “Backend” to describe the Engineering you likeWhy the “frontend” vs “backend” engineering axis doesn't map well to engineers’ psychology. And how using just one division can lead to job mismatches, turnover, and even push some new grad engineers into product management.
Jan 23, 2020
It's Not About the StarsMy essay about why milennials and I love horoscopes unironically.
Oct 24, 2019
Gold RushI notice that the two main streets running through downtown San Francisco are Mission Street and Market Street. They run parallel to each other; they never intersect.

Recent posts

May 9, 2023
How We Built Our Own Time-Tracking Algorithm for a Rust appA technical blog post on how we built time-tracking for an app
Feb 4, 2023
My journey to Growth LeadMy journey from being an engineer to running the growth team at Warp
Nov 2, 2021
My First Film FestivalMy first experience attending a film festival, namely the New York Film Festival 2021.